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What is Metromoody?
Metromoody is a simple mood-polling aggregator.

How does it work?
It is simple. Once a user has authenticated they are presented with three choices. They can select only one that is representative of their mood at the time. Metromoody will use this mood-vote as well as the current mood-votes of other users in a given city to determine the mood of that city. It shows the result as a graph.

How do I do it?
It is simple. Either register for an instant Metromoody login, or use your existing facebook credentials to authenticate.

Why do I need to authenticate?
Metromoody needs to be able to keep track of unique mood-votes. It would not be a credible mood aggregator if any one user could cast more than one mood-votes...

Can I see my city's mood?
Yes, after you have told Metromoody what your mood is like you will see it instantly.

What does Metromoody do with my mood-votes?
Nothing other than calculating your city's mood.

Can I tell what the mood of other participants is?
No. This is an anonymous service. And that is the beauty of it.

How can I tell my friends about this?
Simply share the link with your friends!


How do I contact Metromoody ?
Send us an email: contact @


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