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Metromoody is a simple mood-polling aggregator.

It is very simple!

It keeps track of the average mood of the participants from any given city. Any participant is allowed to cast only one mood-vote and they can change their vote at any time. Participants need to either register for a Metromoody login, or use their Facebook credentials, to cast their vote.

The mood-vote of any one participants expires one hour after it was provided to Metromoody. Metromoody keeps in real-time the valid mood-votes and displays the result with a graph.

Each mood-vote is not associated with any participant. The service is completely anonymous.

It is that simple!

From time to time Metromoody may offer suggestions about happenings and events in a specific area based on the mood-vote the user had just cast.

Do you want to know the pulse of your city? ...Metromoody!


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